The Thirteenth Floor《异次元骇客(1999)》完整中英文对照剧本.docx





“我思故我在” -笛卡儿,1596-1650 异次元骇客 有人说:无知是福 They say ignorance is bliss. 我这一生中第一次赞同这说法 For the first time in my life, I agree. 我希望 I wish... 我从未发现这可怕的真♥相♥ ...I had never uncovered the awful truth. 我现在知道 I know now... 一旦他们发现了他们会杀我灭口 ...once they find out,they will try to silence me. 因此我写这封信给你 That is why I've written this all down for you in this letter 你是我唯一可以倾诉的人 You are the only one whom I can tell this to. 也是唯一一个会明白的人 The only one who could possibly understand. 祝你好运,朋友 Good luck, my friend. 希望你在这里住得愉快 I hope you enjoyed your stay. 传先生,欢迎光临 Mr. Fuller,nice having you here. 老位子? Your usual table? 不,谢谢,阿进 No, thanks, Gene. 她叫爱瑞卡 Her name is Erika. 她来自托利多 She's from Toledo. 亚斯敦,你能帮我一个忙吗? Ashton, would you do me a favor? 你想认识她? You'd like to meet her? 我要你 I wan