Unit 5 Working the Land Video time 课件高中英语人教版(2019)选择性必修第一册 .pptx





Unit 5 Working the Landperiod 6. Video TimeWhat are the raw materials? 原材料They are from Casta Rica.Learning objectivesIn this class, you will1. obtain the important information of Earth University in Costa Rica by watching the video.2. talk about your opinions about Earth University.Students are learning in natural environment.Do you think it is necessary to have an agricultural college? Give your reasons. Yes. Because people need a specific place to learn professional knowledge to work the land.A student is picking up bananas on the farm.Earth University is a special university in Costa Rica, where students learn sustainable farming methods that can protect the environment.Before you watchEarth University is located in Guacimo, Costa Rica. It is not an ____________ university, What is ___