Unit 7 Section B(3a-selfckeck)课件人教版七年级英语上册.pptx





Unit 7;Come and buy your clothes at

our great sale! We sell all our

clothes at very good prices.

Do you like sweaters? We have red and green sweaters for only

$15 ! Yellow and white sweaters

are only $12 ! Do you need trousers? For boys, we have black trousers for only $22. And shorts are only $16 ! For girls, we have skirts in red and purple for only $20. How much are our jackets? Only $30 ! And we have black and brown shoes for only $28. Socks are only $2 for three pairs!

Come to Mr. Cool’s Clothes Store now!;XXX Store;Look at the things in the picture. Fill in the blanks in the ad.; 写作指导: 这是一篇有关卖衣服的广告,写作过程中可能用到的句型如下:

1. Come and buy your … at great sale! 快来买……,大减价了!

2. Do you like/need/want …? 你喜欢/需要/想要……吗?

3. We have/sell … for only … dollars /yuan. 我们有/卖……,只需……美元/元。

4. You can buy … f