Unit 3 A day out Integrated skills and study skills 课时作业 2021-2022学年牛津译林版八年级上册.docx





2021-2022学年牛津译林版8上Unit 3 A day out

Integrated skills and study skills 课时作业

一、选用方框内的单词或词组填空,其中有一个单词或词组是多余的。 free ticket cheer for forget winners lose hope

1. During the match, we all the players.

2. Here's a for the film. Take it if you want to see the film.

3. You needn't pay for the concert because it is_______________.

4. There will be a presentation(发布会) for the after the exciting match.

5.--Sorry, Miss Green. I have left my homework at home. --That's OK. But don't it next time.


1. The ticket is (use) now, but I'll keep it instead.

2. The cost of the classroom building (be) over two million yuan.

3. Adding some yogurt(酸奶) to it can make your fruit salad much (taste).

4. -- What shall we do this Sunday? -- Why don't we (go) to the S