What a day? What + a /an+ n.——感叹句 It is terrible day.==> What a terrible day! What+a/an (+a.)+n.(+主语(zhǔyǔ)+谓语) What a terrible day (it is)! what a good girl (she is)! What a day! 第三十页,共39页。 I‘m coming to see you. 我将要来看你. be coming 表示一般(yībān)将来时 go,come leave,arrive,meet, start,return等词可以用一般(yībān)现在时表示一般(yībān)将来的动作。 第三十一页,共39页。 Dear me:天哪 My god! My dear! 第三十二页,共39页。 Let's review lesson 1 第一页,共39页。 去剧院 好的座位 坐在我后面 大声谈话 转身 看着 注意 最后 不关(bù ɡuān)你的事 私人谈话 无法忍受 go to the theatre a very good seat sit behind me talk loudly turn round look at pay attention in the end none of your business a private conversation I could not bear it. 第二页,共39页。 Answer these questions 1. Where did I go last week? 2. Did I have a good seat or not? 3. How was the play? 4. Did I enjoy it? 5. Who were sitting beh