Planet Hulk《星球绿巨人(2010)》完整中英文对照剧本.docx





Ten, nine, eight, seven, 十 九 八 七 six, five, four, three... 六 五 四 三... One. 一 I am truly sorry for what we've had to do. 我很报歉 但我们必须这么做 But we had no choice. 除此之外 我们别无选择 When you get angry, Bruce, when you're overcome by rage, 布鲁斯 当你生气或愤怒时 you are a force of destruction. 你就会变成一个破坏者 O most divine creator, 啊!伟大的创世主 I seek thy hand, 我祈求你的帮助 and pray for the health of Sakaar, 愿您保佑我们这四分五裂的 for we are a divided and dying world. 萨卡人能够和谐 统一 Through the ancient prophets, 我们从古老的预言得知 you have promised us a warrior saviour. 您会派一名拯救者给我们 You fear nothing 你什么都不怕 and even the mightiest heroes of Earth cannot deter you. 就算是地球上最强的勇士也阻挡不了你 A warrior who looks into the eyes of death and stands his ground. 一个敢于直视死神之眼的勇士 挺立在大地之上! The madder you get, the stronger you get, 你越愤怒就越强大 and there is no limit t