Solo: A Star Wars Story《游侠索罗:星球大战外传(2018)》完整中英文对照剧本.docx





Come on. 快点 Come on! 快点启动 Don't let him get away! 别让他跑了 Get inside now! 现在就进去 Hurry up! You're late! 快点 你迟到了 Proxima's gonna have your hide. 看毗羲夫人不剥了你的皮 Get back in the den. 滚到洞里去 Look what I stole! 看我偷到什么了 Proxima'll give me an extra portion for this! 毗羲会给我一份额外口粮的 Nope, I think she's gonna give that extra portion to me. 不 我觉得她会把额外口粮给我的 Hey, give it back! 还给我 It belongs to whoever's holding it! 在谁手里就归谁 And that's not you! 不是你的了 Lex! 莱克斯 Full Sabacc! 慢点萨巴克 Idiot's Array. 笨蛋组合 What? Let me see that! 什么 给我看下 Nope, it's my card. 不行 这是我的牌 You cheat. 你作弊 Han! 汉 You were gone too long! 你去了那么长时间 I knew something must've gone wrong. 我就知道肯定是出事了 This is nothing. You should see them. 我没事 倒霉的是他们 Look down here! 下来看看 All right, listen. 听我说 I was in the m