Strategy& PwC Booz Casebook consulting case interview book思略特_博斯_普华永道咨询案例面试.pdf





1. Oil tanker case (Strategy&) Step 1: Background and question My grandfather has just died and left me an oil tanke r. I need a valuation for tax pur poses, and I have hired you to tell me what it is worth. For your information, there are 3 types of tankers in the wo rld: small, medium, and large. Within these three classes, each tanker is identical to every ot her. I have just in herited a medium tanker Step 2: To be given as a response to student inquiries: Supply-side information Small Medium Large Number 100 100 100 Capacity 1 unit 2 units 4 units Number of trips 1 1 1 per year Operating cost $50,000/trip $75,000/trip $100,000/t rip Demand-side information Scenario I: fixed demand for 500 units of capacity per year (transpo rt costs are a negligible part of total oil-cost structur