The Three Gorges Qutang Gorge Wu Gorge Godess Peak Xiling Gorge MODULE 5 Reading and Vacabulary A Trip Aong The Three Gorges Match the words with the definitions 1. A place where boats load and unload. 2. A simple boat made of pieces of wood tied together. 3. A Buddhist temple 4. A change of route 5. A floor on a boat 6. Marks or signs used in writing 7. To use or take advantage of raft deck dock characters exploit pagoda Detour` The structure of the passage Part 1 The introduction of the trip Part 2 The detail of the trip Skimming: Match the main idea(3min) Part 2 The detail of the trip Activity6: Discussion If we have a trip along the three gorges,should we protect the environment? Let's go to see some environmental problems along the three gorges, and discuss how can we solve them?