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一、 Translations to the exercise of last time 1. Su Shi, a well-known writer and calligrapher in the 11th century, believed in Buddhism and was well-versed in its doctrines. Once he was discussing some passages in the Buddhism Scripture(经文) with a Buddhist abbot(寺庙主持). Both seated cross-legged on a round cushion, they debated for a long time. “What am I in the eyes of other people, sir?” the senior monk asked. “No more than a small heap of cow dung(牲畜的粪便), my dear abbot.” The monk responded with a gentle smile and said, “Sir, you’re a beautiful flower in my eyes.” Su was quite pleased at the compliment. Back at home, he mentioned this to his kid sister. She commented, “According to Buddhist teachings, only a person whose heart is black and evil as hell will cherish evil ideas. Only when the